Hi, I'm Adriana

Welcome! Here you will find a wellness portal to develop strength, flexibility, de-stress and restore your body during pregnancy and beyond. 

I aim to empower women to EXERCISE WITH CONFIDENCE THROUGHOUT PREGNANCY & AFTER BIRTH. I have developed set of classes designed for every stage of your pregnancy so you can stay strong, fit and energised throughout your journey with easy-to-follow sequences that will help you connect with your body and get ready for labour. In the postpartum period, we will keep the focus on regaining strength with low-impact sequences that are suitable for all types of birth recovery, relaxation techniques for mental & physical health and regaining confidence and love for your body after pregnancy

My classes are for you if you...

1. Want to reclaim your body (whether you're pregnant or in your postnatal journey)

2. Need to move your body, learn breathing techniques and yoga poses that will make you feel great in your body

3. Want to commit to a regular practice and see results 

4. Want to be part of a like-minded community




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